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Discover The Powerful Secret Recipe To Build A Successful Business and Career

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By Adeola

Opebi | June 30th, 2022

It is the secret of every successful entrepreneur and career person you and I know.

It is the one thing that most business and career gurus and coaches don’t teach their students on how to build a successful business and career.

Hoping to build a business and career without having this common trait of successful people is like building a skyscraper without a rock-solid foundation.

Yes, it is the foundation to every success one can ever dream of achieving.

It is the same reason Napoleon Hill (Author of Think and Grow Rich – One of the top entrepreneurial books) said and I quote;

“The ladder of success is never crowded at the top”

The top of the success ladder is not crowded because only a few people know and understand this secret recipe of success and apply it in all their dealings either in business or in careers.

And the bottom of the success ladder is crowded because the majority of people don’t know it.

Are you seeing the pattern?

Stay with me, you will know what the secret recipe to success is soon.

But first, I want you to understand the importance.

You need to understand why what most of your gurus have thought you about business and career is wrong.

What they say is;

Learn a high-income skill, master the skill and sell the skill.

They don’t ever teach this.

And that is why we have many people failing at business even though they have high-income skills and coaches.

After studying over 57 successful entrepreneurs and career persons, I found out that they all have this secret trait.

Once you know what it is, you can Identify at least 10 successful people you know, study them and see if they have the trait or not.

Then, you will fully understand the importance.

Now, have you not wondered; Why many people who have highly valuable skills are still struggling?

Take a minute to think this through.

I am sure you know people who have one or two high-income skills that a business can be built around yet could hardly make ends meet.

I am also sure you know people who have better skills and qualifications than others but are not getting the job or promotion or pay rise.


The reason is simple.

They don’t have this secret trait or recipe to success that I will reveal to you soon.

This recipe is the difference between those who you know are successful and others who are not.

It is the difference between a senior staff or manager with less skill becoming the boss of those with far greater skills.

It is the difference between those who are getting promoted at work and getting paid rise and those who are not.

It is the difference between those who are getting the job and those who are rejected.

It is the difference between the rich and the poor.

It is the ultimate secret of every successful person, millionaire, successful business owner, and excelling employee.

Do you see the importance yet?

This secret recipe comes in form of an asset.

You see, we all have one powerful asset that can either help us achieve success or failure in whatever we do.

It is the basic and greatest asset that will make you or anybody a fortune in business, and get promoted, successful, and highly recognized at work and career.

So, what is this one asset that all of us already have at our disposal?

No, it’s not your double degree, MBA, or PhD. from the best universities.

And no, it’s not the inheritance from rich dad, rich mum, rich uncle, or rich grandma to kick-start a business.

No, this asset is so powerful that it defines the extent to which one succeeds or fails in life.

It is the difference between the rich and poor, a successful and struggling business owner, a leader and follower, and senior and junior staff.

This asset has the potential to give you infinite returns. It can if passionately developed, give you a 1000% return on your time and money investment.

The asset I am talking about is something that all of us have been given at birth. We all have it in common.

But the way we use it differs.

Very few ones who develop it, eventually become successful in whatever they do and are at the top of the ladder of success.

It is this one single asset that will help you;

  • Generate unlimited wealth.
  • Achieve your career goal.
  • Achieve unlimited success in business and relationships.
  • Achieve that salary increase at work.
  • Achieve whatever goal you set yourself.
  • Actualize your life desires and dreams.

Just like it has helped significant people in the past, present, and as it will in the future (for those who master this asset).

Also, just like it has prevented people from achieving success in the past, just like it will prevent people in the future (for those who ignore this asset).

For example,

If you pick a millionaire, take away his wealth, and give him a few months, He will become a millionaire again.

This same asset is responsible for it. Why? Because he has developed the asset.


If you were to interview people who are getting promoted at work, recognition, and pay rise, you will discover it is this single asset that is responsible for their achievements.

It is also responsible for the opposite of success.

But people who haven’t understood and developed this asset tend to struggle in business, work, career, relationships, society, and life in general.

Yes, It Is As Important And Crucial As That

So, what exactly is this ASSET?

It is your MIND, and can also be regarded as your INTELLECTUAL ASSET!

It is determining factor for either success or failure.

There are 2 types of mind (or ways of thinking):

There is the prosperity or abundance mind and this is the secret recipe of every successful person you can think of right now.

And there is the poverty or scarcity mind.

Unfortunately, what the majority of people operate with is the SCARCITY MINDSET.

The bad news is that the scarcity mindset will never allow success until it is dumped and begin to develop a prosperity mindset.

That is why the Bible says “As a man thinketh in his mind, so is he”

And the Quran emphasizes Intentions, which come from the mind – “Actions are dependent upon their Intentions”. Virtue and sin begin from the mind (thought).

Muslims believe that humans will be rewarded based on the thought in their minds.

For example, if a man thinks in his mind that he will donate to charity but external factor like death prevents such a person, he still gets the reward of donating to charity.

This is to prove that there is nothing more powerful than a human mind.

According to mindset expert Angie Zimmerman, author of 7 Steps to Master Your Mind to Increase Sales and Boost Productivity.

“A positive mindset is critical to achieving your goals and dreams in life”

The good thing is that this kind of mindset can be cultivated, but only if you are willing to open yourself up to new ways of thinking.

But before you can develop a positive mindset to achieve your goals and desire, you need to get rid of the negative mindset that destroys potential success.

It is not advisable to start a business, a relationship, a job, or a career without eliminating these negative mindsets.

Neither blame other people nor external factors for failure to achieve desired success in anything without first dealing with the internal factor (The MIND).

You see,

Between 2017 and 2020, I failed in 4 businesses because of my scarcity mindset.

And all I did was blame other external factors aside from my internal factor (My Mind)

Here is how My Scarcity Mindset affected me;

Poverty Mindset – not willing to take risks and invest in knowledge.

Unclear goals – no definitive goal setting to make a certain amount of money.

Lack of plan – when there was no goal, there was no adequate plan to actualize the goal.

Limiting belief – the belief that I don’t have enough expertise, experience, or knowledge to achieve success.

Lack of Responsibility – couldn’t deal with failure and blamed external forces for my failure instead of claiming responsibility.

Instant gratification – the urge for instant results. When the expected result was not coming fast, I got fed up and discouraged to continue. 

Why you should care about developing a prosperity mindset?

There are several reasons you want to develop a proper mind.

Some are;

  1. To identify opportunities when others see problems and build a business around them.
  2. To excel in all work activities that lead to career growth and success.
  3. To build better, reliable, and bankable relationships.
  4. To become an authority in any chosen field.
  5. To achieve success in all areas of life.


Ultimately, the benefit of having a prosperity or abundance mindset is to train the mind towards achieving success in whatever you do.

Success in what you do to help you achieve your utmost satisfaction, desire, and dreams.

Recall the Napoleon Hills saying;

“The ladder of success is never crowded at the Top”

If you look at the above saying and relate it to the secret recipe, you will discover that it is a fact.

It means that the few people who attain success in their business and career are at the top.

While the bottom of the ladder is filled with people who struggle to achieve any significant success.

The difference between those at the top and bottom of the ladder is how they trained their mind.

How they developed the right mindset that;

  • generates bright ideas,
  • recognize opportunities when people see problems,
  • create a goal, and stay committed to the goal.

These are the traits of every successful business or career person that have ever walked this earth.

And these traits can only be gotten when a proper mindset is developed, nurtured, and applied.

Once you can train your mind to think abundantly and prosperously, you will discover massive improvement financially, in relationships, in the place of work, and career.

It is when I mastered this that I began to see changes at my place of work. I started getting recognized, and compensated and recently got a double salary increase in 5 Months this year (Jan and May 2022).

I hope this post has been insightful enough to help you discover how the successful people in the world attain success in all their endeavors and how you can too.



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P.S.S:-  The best way to develop and train your mind is to read good books with proven concepts and formulas by successful individuals, attend their seminars and workshop, and invest in knowledge.

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Here are some of the things you will learn in Toyin Omotosho’s book;

  • How to overcome the 3 demons that keep people from succeeding in life.
  • 3 types of books you should be reading in order to sharpen your cash generation skills.
  • The No.1 thing you should do to become a live-breathing cash machine.
  • How to develop a prosperity mindset that consistently attracts ideas.
  • The No.1 exercise that puts your mind in cash generation mode and ensures you never run out of ideas.

In addition, he will give you three other life-changing books that would help you build a successful business after training your mind properly.

  • 201 sales and marketing lessons he learned in 10 years
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  • 21 reasons why you are not a millionaire & what you can do about them (By Akin Alabi – CEO of Nairabet)

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